How We Deliver Value: Smart Searching

Even before we interview, Kitestring recruiters place heavy emphasis on the quality of who we look for. Here are four main ways that we search smarter, and how that benefits your team:

Upfront right-sizing of roles: Before the roles are defined, we partner on understanding true demand and expected outcomes. We’ve observed directly how having the best talent drastically reduces the perceived headcount need. In many cases we’ve revised downward the estimation of developers needed to get a project back on-track. Expertise makes a sizable difference, and keeping headcounts in check aligns with our clients' goals.

Calibration of requirements to industry skillsets and experience levels: When discussing role requirements, we work to define the role name and skillsets in industry terms. This includes calibrating years of experience needed to match the advertised role.

Experts introduce us to expert candidates: At times, our network of Kitestring experts has provided many candidate introductions for open roles. These qualified introductions not only save valuable time in our candidate search, they also wind up being great fits for your project team and our company culture. Every day our network is growing, and with it grows the number of potential candidates that would enjoy being a part of your team.

Expertise can come from anywhere: Over the years of talent searches, we’ve recognized that strong skillsets and great talent can come from anywhere. Unless our clients specify a scope, we don’t limit our search because we cover relocation and immigration costs. We are fully inclusive and our team reflects our tenet: great talent can come from anywhere.

Companies that work with regularly can attest that we save them both time and money, and this is why we're highlighting it as a bottom-line Kitestring difference. We strive to be the best in our business, and this means being the best for our clients.

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