Avoiding Hidden Costs

In project delivery and support, nobody likes surprises. Timelines and budgets are finite and communicated with confidence, so unexpected changes are universally not welcome. Here are the top categories of hidden costs that we've observed in the past 3 years, and simple prescribed fixes.

Project Delivery and Support Costs

  • Incomplete skillsets cost a project's momentum and ultimately push the timeline. Remove the unknowns: identify and bridge the skills gap.

  • Bad code practices show up in defects and support costs. Taking the time to do it right -- before deployment.

  • Bad code requires testing, identification, rewriting, and re-testing. Test early and often (automate) to avoid rework.

  • Replacing team members requires downtime for entry and acclimation. Retain your experts for project duration and beyond.

  • Lack of common goals and urgency between HR and IT means misaligned candidates waste IT time with interviews, and great candidates never accept HR’s offers. Expertise saves more than it costs.

Workforce Process Costs

  • New full-time candidates can unexpectedly delay project timelines with required onboarding tasks, including corporate training, compliance, and other company culture events.

  • Offshore work requires greater communication skills on both ends, better hands-on project task coordination, rigorous inspection, and an accountability clause.

  • The next project or work assignment doesn't always line up with internal availability. What is the cost of the unscheduled down-time, or of a resource that is assigned over capacity?

Anticipating these and other hidden costs are ways that working with a professional services provider can save time and money (and save face, too). We are here to make you look good, to sidestep the unknowns and caveats so we deliver great results together, on time and on budget.

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