Immigration Services

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Business Challenge

IT organizations at the forefront of implementing new technologies are struggling to find top talent. These businesses are discovering that they must revise hiring practice to include global recruits or risk falling behind. The legal aspects of immigration compliance and sponsorship are often unfamiliar and appear too complex to approach to the uninitiated. Kitestring reviews the requirements and familiarity of our clients and, when needed, provides full immigration services and in-house legal counsel to facilitate the onboarding and retention of Kitestring experts for our clients.

Kitestring Handles All Things Immigration

Kitestring provides in-house, full-service immigration facilitation as a regular part of what we do for our clients. No matter the size or scope of your needs, having experienced legal counsel means no interruptions and quicker onboarding for expertise. In addition, our legal counsel is readily available to our clients to demystify the immigration process and answer any questions you have.

Kitestring Values Our Experts

Because we have direct relationships, never mid-vendor or third party, we are better stewards of sponsorship and our success record and reputation show it: Kitestring’s record in sponsoring experts is head and shoulders above the industry average. In addition, every Kitestring expert is immediately eligible for green card sponsorship – no waiting or probationary period required.

We value our experts, and what is right for our experts is right for our clients – less interruption and more focus on your objectives.

All business immigration services – sponsorships, extensions, and responses to requests for evidence – are provided by Kitestring at no additional cost to our clients and no fees are passed to our experts. We do this because it is in our employees’ and clients’ best interest. By being great stewards of sponsorship, Kitestring experts are unencumbered and confident.

Next Steps

Our decades of experience with immigration means we are faster, more efficient, and have less turnover. When we handle all aspects of immigration, you get more done for your business! For more information, contact us directly at

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