Mobile Enablement and Project Recovery

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

The Business Challenge

In 2017, a local HR organization made the push towards mobile enablement for their workforce. The mobile app promised a faster and more efficient way for employees to check benefits, enroll annually, update statuses, and access other HR functions. Requirements specified high security for a publicly-available mobile app, using native device security (fingerprint), integration to a corporate third-party identity manager, and would need to massively scale to meet the workforce demand generated by the company's annual benefits enrollment. A third party company was hired to deliver the app to meet these demands.

One year later, and with a hard deadline of eight weeks until open enrollment, the app was nearly unusable and failing to meet any of the requirements. In 2018, the HR organization (non-client) engaged Kitestring with an urgent attempt to recover the project within a tight timeframe, having already lost a year and a large budget. Kitestring accepted the challenge to deliver the app within eight weeks so that it could scale up to 1.3 million users for open enrollment.

The Kitestring Solution

Kitestring formed a small team to work on the project immediately. To quickly eliminate the bugs, work to date was scrapped and the mobile app was redesigned completely. The new design would leverage existing APIs from the online portal from an application built in React Native, allowing for cross-platform functionality with native speed and integration. Rebuilding for native mobile operating systems would enable the integration of thumbprint, face identification, and third-party authentication while improving the overall speed and user experience.

Putting our strong React and UI/UX talent to work, the HR Mobile App solution was delivered, tested, and deployed to meet the required time, demand, and costs. Kitestring delivered a fully scalable and easy-to-use app, two weeks early and at less than 10% of the initial budget.

Beyond the Contract: Trusted Advisor and Partner

Kitestring partnership means we adopt your challenges and success measurements as our own. Our client partnership is built on trust, and that means you can focus on getting more done for your business. Contact us directly to learn more about this and other initiatives, or to enquire about what we can do with your company.

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