Partnering on the Talent Pipeline

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

How Does Your HR Group Keep Up With Technology Talent Demand?

In the current context of low unemployment numbers, especially in technology areas, how can HR possibly keep up with the salary expectations of much-needed developer talent without 'rocking the boat' for those loyal and royal employees? If your company is one of a growing number that acknowledge they can't hire new talent, it might be time for IT and HR leadership to think outside the box in order to get business projects across the finish line.

Market-Based Compensation

One article on stack overflow introduced a creative way to solve the challenge: tie developer compensation to match current market trends. This is similar to the pay adjustments that are made every several years when a corporate compensation study shows discrepancies, but demonstrates special consideration for tech demand and volatility. As bold as this idea may seem, it isn't much further beyond what most companies do today for variable pay and bonuses, but is specific to a technology talent demand.

Scaling Up With a 'Talent Cloud'

A more common way that fast-moving companies are solving the talent challenge is by shifting new demand to professional services -- a move that Gartner recently suggested is wise for non-tech companies. Established 'staff augmentation' companies have access to the tech talent that your projects need, can scale up and down based on demand, and serve as extra help to knock out tasks. Good Professional Services Providers align to you, share success metrics and common goals with you, and prove their partnership in getting projects complete within scope, on time, and on budget.

A Hybrid Approach

The ideal scenario would be to scale up with incredible team members, then measure the quality, speed, and overall value of our delivery. This incremental and organic approach allows us to prove that finding and embedding top talent for your project teams produces better results faster. Kitestring team members are project-ready and great communicators, learning quickly and willing to bring others up to speed. Here's the fineprint: for the past two decades, this level of local expertise also saves Kitestring clients money, even as early as onboarding. Contact us and let Kitestring demonstrate great partnership with you on your next big challenge.