Spotlight on: Karen Gillespie

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Karen is Corporate Counsel at Kitestring.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work hours?

Since my job is mostly paperwork, I enjoy making tangible stuff when I am outside of work. I like baking and crafting, so I’m often found making something whether that is baking cookies, knitting a hat, or even building dog agility ramps and jumps for our dogs.

What is your favorite part about living and working in NWA?

The lovely geography and access to outdoors activities has been such a joy. My husband and I along with our two dogs have been exploring hiking and biking trails throughout NWA and are continuously amazed by the beauty and accessibility of so many nature areas and state parks.

Tell us how you started down your career path.

I had always wanted to be a lawyer, but I fell into immigration/employment law after law school by happenstance. Once I got involved, though, I fell in love with immigration law and helping people come and work and live in the US. It is such a rewarding area of law.

What is one of your greatest accomplishments while working at Kitestring?

I am very excited about our turnaround time for filing H-1B transfers. A typical law firm takes anywhere from a week to a month but since I moved in-house, we are averaging a 2-day turnaround for visa sponsorship filing once someone accepts an offer with Kitestring.

What are some future goals that you have?

We are in the midst of our first “batched” PERM process that allows us to immediately sponsor new employees for a green card. I am looking forward to continuing this process and streamlining for the future to help not only current employees but new ones, as well.

Is there anything that you would like other Kitestringers to know about you and what you do? It is very nice to actually get to meet the people for whom I am filing paperwork, so I never mind when people schedule meetings in person!

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