We find technical, retail-focused talent to fill gaps and solve problems

We find technical, retail-focused talent to fill gaps and solve problems.

Building retail software is a risky undertaking and can’t be taken lightly. Whether you need to build a new system, pay down existing technical debt, or just bolster your existing ranks, Kitestring can help you identify the right, retail-focused technical experts to get the job done. 

Assemble the team you need, with help from a trusted partner. 

We offer a custom staff augmentation solution that can be as turnkey or collaborative as you need. No other vendor has technical interviewing and rigorous vetting capabilities that include retail-focused recruiters, practitioners, and software experts. In addition, we are fully transparent throughout the process, providing your organization with access to our interviews and hiring processes. 

Work with Kitestring to solve your talent gap and software problems through one or more of our tailored methods: 

  • Technical Interviewing: We provide the interviewing, vetting, and verification to ensure the candidates you source are appropriately skilled and set up for success. 
  • Direct Hire: We source the talent you need through our rigorous process, and you hire them directly.
  • Right to Hire: We verify and vet talent to fill your gaps and leverage a fixed-term contract so you can ensure the placement is the right fit before converting to hire.
  • Co-Engineering: Our version of staff augmentation. We fill gaps by placing highly qualified individuals from the Kitestring team on your project.
  • Durable team: A retail-focused, expert team of technical talent deployed long term—with none of the hiring headache for you.