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We love the work we do and who we get to work with. This is our growing team of 150+ experts, a mix of awesome people bringing intriguing and influential work to life, everyday.
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Our Story
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Our Leadership Team

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Jared Smith

President & CEO

A mission-driven leader and grateful entrepreneur who is passionate about people, technology, and the broader community: Jared has a strong background in science and technology, including software development, design, and architecture. He has had the honor to lead Kitestring for nearly ten years, in that time scaling from 14 employees to more than 130 today.
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Eugene Park

Senior Vice President of Business Development & Strategy

A technology executive with 25+ years of experience delivering large projects ($250M+) and managing large teams (1500+ people) across the globe. Proven record in partnering with line of business leaders to drive strategic value through sustainable processes and organizational improvements.
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Sapna Ramachandran

Vice President of Talent Experience and Culture

A transformational leader with 14 years of multinational professional experience in talent acquisition and turning teams into success stories. During her career, Sapna has built a reputation for operational excellence and working with the highest level of integrity. At Kitestring, Sapna has a deep, passionate commitment towards company goals which includes creating a diverse and inclusive culture where employees thrive with the highest level of job satisfaction.
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Logan McLain

Chief Operating Officer

More than 10 years of enterprise software development experience. UX Masters Certified by the Nielsen Norman Group. Specialist in communications, leadership, user experience design, systems architecture, and real-time/reliable messaging.
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Karen Gillespie

Corporate Counsel

As Kitestring's chief legal advisor and counsel, Karen's draws on her background in contracts litigation, immigration and employment law. Prior to joining Kitestring's in-house team, she worked for several Chicago-based firms and represented a range of clients from entrepreneurs to multinational companies. She worked closely with partner technology firms to offer innovative, boutique legal solutions. An adept legal generalist, Karen prides herself on creative problem-solving and providing strategic legal and commercial insight to Kitestring's leadership team.
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Jamie Blackfox

Director of Finance and Accounting

Jamie Blackfox is an accomplished Director of Finance and Accounting at Kitestring, with a wealth of experience in finance, HR, and payroll management. Leveraging a strong background in finance and accounting, she has excelled in strategic financial planning and data-driven decision-making, contributing significantly to our success. Additionally, Jamie has a proven track record in optimizing HR and payroll processes, ensuring smooth operations and compliance with regulations, further enhancing the company's overall efficiency and financial integrity.