Retail Customer System Consulting

We find technical, retail-focused talent to fill gaps and solve problems

Take a reliable approach to technology modernization in your retail store. 

Kitestring offers specialized technical retail expertise that can accelerate and de-risk your path to better technology. 

As customers grow accustomed to online conveniences, they expect the same in-store. As such, your customer systems — including POS, mobile apps, e-commerce sites — are the backbone of your capabilities.  But overhauling your outdated systems is a risky endeavor. Our retail-focused experts have the strategic and technical skills to ensure your transformation is meticulously planned and carefully executed. 

Reduce costs and map out a better in-store experience. 

Our 16-week consulting program provides a focused perspective on your store’s technological capabilities.

We understand more than just the tech and implementation — we know the key challenges and considerations retailers face. From adjusting systems as tax codes update to exceeding customers’ high expectations to empowering employees — your systems can make or break your store’s reputation. Further, outdated systems increase costs leading to inefficient labor and inventory losses

Our program includes a discovery session, a clearly mapped out 16-week process, a point of sale selection study, interviews, and more. You’ll come away with a clear implementation plan that will lead you to a seamless, de-risked transition designed for efficiency and cost savings. 

The work you and your team do is invaluable to our industry. The need is great for fact-based solution selection that meets the needs of unique brands. Plotting the course for POS transformation is critical to all retail businesses. Well done!

Vic Williams, Retail Executive Microsoft