Custom UX/UI Design

We find technical, retail-focused talent to fill gaps and solve problems

Unlock what retailers and customers really need from UX/UI. 

Kitestring’s team of UX/UI experts turn customer and user research into functional visual design specific for retail software systems that allows you to better understand what your customers need.  

We do this through a jobs-to-be-done framework. The features, visual design, and components you decide to develop all need to begin with the customers and users of your system. Many clients come to us thinking they need a visual designer — but truly solving the problem begins with retail-focused UX expertise, including: 

User Research

Understand users’ tasks and goals, including how they align with the big picture through documented pain points, workflows, and desires.

User Personas

Define key users’ behaviors, goals, challenges, and needs.

User Journey Maps

Visualize users’ attitudes and interactions with a service or product over time and across channels.


Verify key workflows and behaviors through low-fidelity sketches based on key deliverables from the discovery phase.


Verify value, usability, feasibility based on key discovery deliverables and the outcome of wireframing.

Visual Design

Achieve a high fidelity representation of the application with images, colors, typography, space, and iconography for final usability testing and aesthetic testing.

Solutions Roadmapping

Get a strategic view of where the product offerings are headed, based on timelines and features across multiple products.

Epics and User Stories

A collection of work items that tie back to a value-added business objective and define high level requirements for the delivery team.

Prioritized Backlog

A decomposed and prioritized list of items to be worked, including the level of development effort for each item.

Minimum Viable Product

Develop a fully working version of the product produced from the prioritized backlog items with enough features so early customers can provide feedback for future development.

Translate customer data and competitive insights into functional software.

When you work with a team of retail-focused technical experts, you gain more than capable designs and developers. We itemize features and functionalities, map out all the activities in a store, and ensure every need is encompassed in a comprehensive framework.  

Our process starts with deep, comprehensive research and incorporates interaction design, visual design and true UX design — all through the perspective of retail customers and users. Our design capabilities lead to a better understanding of your customers, higher design satisfaction, clearer build goals for software engineers, and reduced costs.