What Does #GPTW Really Mean For You?

Jun 10, 2020

Kitestring was both proud and humbled to be acknowledged as a Great Place To Work, nominated and scored highly by our own employees. As a staffing and services company, our recognition as a GPTW extends strong advantages to you directly as we partner on projects together. But how does this benefit you directly?

1. Happy Employees = Productive Team

Several published studies in the two decades have arrived at the same conclusion: when employees are happy, they are more productive. That is why we do everything in our control to bring out the best in our teammates. If Kitestring can handle challenges for them, our teammates are positioned to positively impact your project. Here are some of the ways we work for our employees:

2. Removed Barriers = Easier to Excel

We want to address anything that could prevent a Kitestringer from contributing to your success. For example, because Kitestring’s onboarding is both thorough and speedy, our employees don’t have to cut into their project time with distractions. From day one to the completion of your project, our teammates are able to be fully focused on your success.

3. Timely Tools = Timely Delivery

From the moment they are asked to join the team, every Kitestringer’s laptop, applications and access are scheduled for provisioning so that they can hit the ground running. In times of social distancing, Kitestring pivoted to contactless shipping so that employees were virtually deploying with their teams even sooner.

4. High Trust = Confident and Accomplished

Our employees know that we won’t micro-manage them. This higher level of trust means that they can accomplish tasks without constant updates and interruptions. They are accountable and are measured by the real results they bring to your team and project, and we celebrate that success together.

5. Respected at Work = Respectable Attitude

When people are treated with respect in their work, they share respect in the same way. Shared respect facilitates common work, common goals, and great teamwork.

6. Engaged Experts = High Retention

Experts enjoy a challenge, love to be productive and have a growth mindset. From one project to the next, their ability to deliver is highly sought after. This is how we ensure our teammates remain fully engaged as we deliver with you. Our experts joined the team to make a difference, and they love the ability to succeed in their work. This shows up in our high retention.

Being a Great Place To Work is ultimately a reflection of our own employees’ attitude and ethic, especially as these were derived from their own shared feedback and comments. Great employees are how we are able to be that great place, and as they join your projects, these advantages work towards your success.