Nearshore Development Talent

Build or extend your tech team with skilled nearshore developers.

What is Nearshore Development?

You may have heard the term “offshoring” - outsourcing services to people in far off countries. While offshore outsourcing has some benefits, Kitestring strongly believes in hiring candidates that fall in onshore and nearshore categories, a.k.a. talent in nearby time zones.

Benefits of Nearshore Talent Acquisition

Geographical proximity

For teams on tight deadlines, communication is everything. Being in similar time zones means that our nearshore employees are always available for meetings, quick project turnarounds, and important deployment times.

Larger talent pool 

Software developers and other software adjacent jobs are currently some of the most in-demand roles in any industry. By implementing nearshoring, we have significantly expanded access to high-quality engineers for our clients across the U.S. 

Shorter onboarding times

Because of shared language and mutual cultural understanding between countries, nearshore candidates require a much shorter onboarding process for companies than offshore outsourcing options. 

Secure recruitment process

We back every candidate we hire, no matter the time zone or country they reside in. We use the same deeply vetted recruitment process for each role, including background checks and skill assessments.


We’ll schedule a discovery call with you to determine the scope of work, what kind of talent you’re looking for, and figure out exactly what is needed in a candidate.

Candidate selection

We go through a matching process with our pool of talent to find the best fit based on our consultations.

Prospect meeting

We’ll set up a meeting for you to meet each of your prospects. We provide the talent, you provide the final decision.

Kickoff your project

And just like that, you have the onshore and nearshore tech talent you need to get rolling on your next amazing development project.

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