Co-sourcing | Product Team Roles

It takes a village of more than just software developers to build a product. Whether you need product managers, QA analysts, or UX/UI designers, we have a pool of software adjacent talent ready to bring your product to life.

Is co-sourcing right for your product team needs?

No full-time investment 

Projects are piling up but vetting, procuring, and investing in full-time software roles may not be a possibility or priority for your company right now. We get it. We take care of all compensation and benefits for our talent, so you get the tech support you need without the full-time investment.

Keep your best people on your best projects 

By tapping into our roster of candidates, you can keep your base team focused on your most important projects. Our team is there to fill in the gaps.

Uncompromised security is a top priority for you

We understand some projects need to stay in-house, from start to finish, so leveraging an outside agency is not an option. Staff augmentation allows you to bring vetted technologists onto your team for as long as needed, without worrying about passing off a project to an outside party.

Process for Leveraging Software Team Talent

We’ll schedule a discovery call with you to determine the scope of work, what kind of talent you’re looking for, and figure out exactly what is needed in a candidate, including technical and soft skill considerations.
Candidate Selection
We go through a matching process with our pool of talent to find the best fit based on our consultations.
Prospect Meeting
We’ll set up a meeting for you to meet each of your prospects. We provide the talent, you provide the final decision.
Project Kickoff
And just like that, you have the software adjacent talent you need to get rolling on your next amazing project.
Looking to fill multiple product team roles?
See what’s possible with our durable teams

Whatever your product needs are, our software adjacent candidates can help you bring it to life.

Product Managers

Our product managers are the ultimate collaborators. Taking in considerations like product features, stakeholder feedback, and user stories, they are responsible for ensuring your product is made as efficiently and effectively as possible.

UX/UI Designers

Our UX/UI people live and breathe not only compelling design, but accessible design. Our designers will help deliver an incredible product from initial testing phase to wireframing to prototyping to release. They ensure your product’s design is usable, effective, and accessible to your audience every step of the way.

QA/QE Analysts

Testing features before and after a release is crucial for the success of any product. Our QA/QE analysts work closely with product managers and developers to ensure what’s being built works as expected.


Our product experts are ready to fill in the gaps for your teams and bring your projects across the finish line. Sound like what you need?

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