Durable Product Teams

What if you could activate a fully built out, cohesive product team for your next project? (No, we’re not kidding.)

Think of it as Product Teams as a Service

Durable Team equation: Same team + Same process + same handoffs = optimized delivery

Why Durable Teams?

Thorough recruitment process
Thorough recruitment process
Every team member goes through secure technical recruitment process.
Developer Buy-in
Developer Buy-in
These aren't developers who are building what they're told. Rather, they are true believers in the product vision and are committed to solving real customer problems.
Low Turnover
Low Turnover
Invested company culture resulting in extremely low turnover

Our Process

Durable Teams empower internal cultures and relationships to thrive and significantly reduce turnover.

Assign a Product Manager

Our Durable Teams start with Product Managers. They serve as the Technical Team Lead – strong client-facing leaders that facilitate the design and engineering process.

Build out the “Core Team”

Next, we have a dedicated mix of engineers to build out the code, a quality engineer to ensure your product performs how it should, and DevOps roles to build the infrastructure of your product.

Optimize with Specialists & Experts

Based on the project scope, client needs, and industry-specific requirements, we bring in rotational specialists and business architects to provide expertise and industry knowledge throughout the product life cycle.

Our Client’s Role

Your role is simple – convey the vision, clarify any assumptions, and sit back, relax and see the vision turned into the ultimate business value.

Our Durable Teams are ready to bring their expertise to your next project.
Sound like what you need?