Point of Sale Selection Studies

We find technical, retail-focused talent to fill gaps and solve problems

Identify the best point of sale system for your stores. 

Kitestring offers a 16-week consultative program to identify the right POS that meets your needs. From enterprise-level department stores to regional chains — our unique process alleviates pain points and helps you make the right software decisions for your store.  

Our deep retail experience and expertise is the key to unlocking efficiencies, identifying areas to cut costs, and knowing how to identify and implement hardware and software solutions that will meet your needs. 

Kitetring’s 16 week consultation provides you with:

  • – Research and insights to make informed decisions
  • – A roadmap to modernize your retail systems
  • – Expert guidance and risk mitigation

Consult with retail experts to make the right choice. 

Often choosing the right POS to scale across your store is the main challenge. However, our consultation offers far more than just a POS selection study — it maps out an entire, seamless plan for implementation. Our insights and expertise will uncover the right systems and enable you to make decisions with confidence. 

We’ve helped national retailers, as well as small businesses, understand their needs and goals, matching them with the right existing or custom system. Don’t make choices solely on lists of features and benefits — our point of sale experts can identify the systems you aren’t even aware of, and uncover areas of efficiency that will save your business time and money.