Finding and Assembling an Expert Team — and FAST

Nov 22, 2019

Business Challenge

A multinational company made the decision in 2019 to divert all application development teams to directly support high-priority US initiatives, leaving international subsidiaries without their own developer teams and support. The international organization was given approval to stand up a completely new, top-tier team of experts to interface with legacy applications for international business support.

To do this quickly, Kitestring and two other large sourcing and offshoring firms were given the challenge to find talented candidates across a wide range of skillsets. The team would require the roles of

  • Product Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Azure Cloud Architect
  • Java Back-End and Node.js Developers
  • Angular/React Front-End Developers

On day one, the Kitestring recruiting team immediately started the search based on requirements and role descriptions. Our team performed over 20 interviews and submitted bids on the expert candidates that best fit the role descriptions, despite unique role requirements. Within 10 days, Kitestring had matched top candidates to all roles. The client chose to extend offers to every Kitestring candidate, and while only two of the initial offers were turned down, within a week all positions were filled. Some of the team was ready within two weeks, and the rest of the team started work within one month. The entire team was not only filled before the other firms could locate candidates, the Kitestring bids were far lower than the other large offshoring firms.

The client chose to extend offers to every Kitestring candidate, and within a week all positions were filled.

Clients and candidates agree: our recruiting and interviewing is second-to-none. It is the key component to finding incredible local talent for our clients. In this scenario, our clients were an integral part of the interviews, and this established a high-level of trust in our process and our assessment. The result is unparalleled speed in onboarding incredible people for challenging roles.

Beyond the Contract: Trust Us to Hire the Best

Our clients love the experts we provide, and they know us and trust us to find the best fit. Our process encourages early evaluation and our clients have as much control as they need. We win because we work together with you to find and hire the right fit.

Leverage Kitestring’s partnership today – we will assess and assemble your expert lineup for your most challenging objectives.