How We Deliver Value: A Faster Start

Jan 22, 2020

We help Kitestring clients with tough-to-fill technology roles and solutions, finding top experts with the skillsets that they need the most. The biggest difference is how quickly we are able to meet your needs, and how much time and money that saves your project and budget. Here’s how faster hiring has saved our clients:

Less time required of HR: A corporate HR or hiring organization might have different measurements of success – and different constraints – than IT when it comes to full-time hires. As a result, technologists and HR have few common goals and common tools in identifying and landing strong IT talent. Because they are both required stakeholders for role fulfillment, this lack of common ground translates into wasted time for both organizations unless they spend considerable time collaborating on the role and needs from both groups.

Less time spent on negotiations: HR teams may find great candidates that fit their targeted compensation range, but these are consistently underqualified for the role. Technology professionals can identify incredible talent that would satisfy the role requirements, but HR won’t sign off on the compensation that candidate would require.

Less time wasted by technology interviewers: This incongruence and lost time typically results in the role not being filled. Ironically, the opportunity is not lost because of negotiation, but because of offer timeliness – great talent has already found their next career move without waiting for IT and HR to come to an agreement.

Rapid onboarding: Our Kitestring expert has signed on while other teams and agencies are still looking. For one of our client partners, we’ve posted, interviewed and filled an entire team of experts within the time it took every other agency to post the roles. We fully facilitate onboarding and they are ready to deliver with your team when you are. In fact, as Kitestring implemented contactless onboarding in March 2020, we shaved even more time from the process of finding the right skillset and people fit for your team.

Our goal is to provide our clients great expertise so that they deliver timely results and meet their goals. Getting you the right fit of talent — fast — is what we do best.