How We Deliver Value: Better Fit

Jan 22, 2020

Your candidates interviewed by our experts: Our interview process is one of the best ways that we ensure a great fit on your team. Our online assessment helps us schedule interview time for candidates that we know have the expertise for our client’s role. Those scheduled video interviews are conducted by members of our office staff (we all have development and engineering backgrounds). For advanced roles, our interviews leverage some of the 150+ Kitestringers experts that have matching experience and skillsets.

Compatibility and solid people skills: In interviews, we look for project experience and good people skills. Our experts are good communicators that are ready to take on project tasks on day one.

No surprises means less interruption: The final step in our interviewing process is an introduction to you. When we introduce you to our candidate, we are confident in their hard skills and soft skills, and we are also confident in their character. When you know what type of resource that you’re working with, you can have full confidence in introducing your project team. If you don’t think our candidate is a fit, we go to work on the next introduction. Either way, no time is wasted on project and role changes mid-flight.

Long-term engagement: By focusing on a better fit, that Kitestring expert is better positioned to do more for your team. This increased engagement also solves a longer-term challenge: retention. Kitestring’s retention has consistently remained above 80%, impacted mostly by the direct hiring of our experts for full-time positions with our clients. This is a great fit!