Spotlight: Sapna Ramachandran

Aug 12, 2020

Sapna is our Talent Acquisition Specialist at Kitestring. How long have you worked at Kitestring? I will be celebrating my 2-year work anniversary on September 5th 2020.

Tell us about yourself!
I am originally from India and came to the United States after my marriage. I have lived here for 12 years now. I have a 10-year-old son. Although there are so many things that I would like to tell you about myself, here is a gist of some of the most prominent traits of my personality that makes me who I am.

  • I am a hardcore extrovert. But it is not just about being friendly and talking to people, it is about engaging them in a meaningful conversation which they will not forget for a long time. For me, it is about being a compassionate listener and making the other person feel comfortable.
  • My drive, determination and passion are a strong force. I am always pumped about amazing possibilities and push myself to do better than I did yesterday. My (mostly) positive outlook helps me stay focused.
  • I am loyal. I am always grateful for all the people and opportunities in my life. I make sure to cherish and nurture my professional and personal relationships.

What do you like most about the Northwest Arkansas area? I like how diverse NWA is. It provides so many job opportunities for people from various professional backgrounds. The schools are top notch. The weather is so pleasant. The scenic beauty of this place is breathtaking. The cost of living is so affordable even after being one of the fastest growing cities in the US. If you live in NWA once, you will never want to move and even if you move, you will always be looking to come back! I have heard that from so many of my candidates and friends.

Tell us about one of your most memorable/enjoyable recruiting moments!
I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives, being the reason for someone’s family enjoying a sense of security and helping someone realize their true potential. I take pride in being a part of this process.

  • I met with an accident some time ago and was visiting a chiropractor as part of my recovery. During my regular visits, I met an elderly gentleman who was there because he had an accident at work and as a result, he was let go from his job. I asked him to bring me his resume the next day. We would spend time after our sessions at the chiropractor, in the parking lot where I helped him with interviewing skills. Within a month, I helped him get an interview, and he was hired for his skills. He could not thank me enough. For me, it was more about fulfilling my purpose.
  • Another example I can think of is when I reach out to candidates who are not looking for a job. It is called sourcing passive candidates. According to me, it is a recruiter’s biggest win to turn a passive candidate into someone who is very interested in your company and the position. I have had numerous occasions where they start off disengaged, uninterested, and sometimes even rude! But by the end of the conversation, if we are laughing and talking about next steps, then that is huge for me!

As a recruiter, what are some key qualities that you look for? Kitestring is a talent first organization. We have an amazing set of interview panel members who not only evaluate candidate’s technical skills and knowledge but also guide and coach them so they can further improve their skills.

Apart from technical skills and the skills mentioned on the resume, I look for how clearly and easily they can communicate their thought process, their learning aptitude and agility, passion and curiosity towards software development and technology, if they are a team player and their ability to manage adversity and challenges.

What is something on your bucket list? I am passionate about tigers. I like to volunteer and be a part of tiger conservation initiatives. The first wish on my bucket list is to visit the Tiger Kingdom in Thailand.

What keeps you motivated?
I stay enthusiastic when my team is working towards a common goal. Small things like affirmation and validation makes me stay motivated. I also use it to make others stay motivated. It takes a lot to bring me down. I am an optimist and always see the bright side of things.

If you could meet anyone (fictional, dead, or alive), who would it be? I would like to meet Oprah Winfrey. I admire strong women who make a difference to so many lives. I would also like to meet Anderson Cooper. I admire his personality, communication style and courage to speak his mind.

What do you enjoy most about working for Kitestring? I have a whole list! Joining Kitestring changed a lot of things for me.

One of the best things that happened to me was receiving a call from Jared Smith 2 years ago. He is a true leader. Humble and fearless at the same time! Jared challenges me to achieve more, to do things differently, but at the same time, gives me the freedom to achieve my goals in a way that makes sense to me and my working style. He has been a big influence during my tenure at Kitestring.

The Kitestring team is full of amazing people. Intellectual, passionate, hardworking, simple, approachable, and down to earth. Every single one of them is excellent at what they do. One thing in common is our respect and commitment towards Kitestring and its growth and evolution as an organization.

I enjoy working for a company that keeps the employees well being as its top priority even in adverse situations like the pandemic. I also admire Kitestring’s corporate social responsibility where we give back to the community in many ways.

I would like to end by saying that just like the rest of the Kitestringers, I feel truly blessed to be a part of this amazing organization and its people.